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For perfect nail care and hands, we take care of the CND Creative Nail Design line, and for continuous painting with the award-winning CND Shellac system.


My beginnings in manicure were marked by the fact that I had bad and fragile nails from time immemorial while looking at Tumblr pictures of manicures (#prepinterest #imember) my saliva was crushed.

Because I do not like the appearance of artificial nail polish, I specialize in permanent manicure. Yes, they are so. gelish nails, as we like to name them, although this name is a little wrong because Gelish is a brand and not a name of the process.
I worked on permanent painting on my own, on relatives and acquaintances, that I learned my knowledge, and then started to offer it to my clients.

Now for hand and nail care, I have been using CND Creative Nail Design products for several years now, which offer CND Shellac for permanent lacquering.
CND Shellac is a system that provides (at least) a 14-day carefree UV manicure that is also suitable for allergy, as it does not contain HEME, gel, GDP or formaldehyde. The advantage of the Shellac line is that the manicure does not require cutting the surface of the natural nail, so the nail remains strong and healthy. Quick, easy and gentle sanding of the paint without sawing is also helpful.

In my offer, I have more than 40 Shellac shades, so each one finds something for myself. In addition to the classical application, clients often choose to paint nails with stamps, glitter or various decorations to add manicure. In brides, the French manicure is especially popular with the addition of nail art crystals or lace.

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