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Slow in the best light with professional make-up for all occasions. Dramatic or natural look?


I began to work with make-up in the distant year of 2008 when there was much less information available than we have today.

I still remember my first make-up experiments while watching Youtube videos, but how angry I was when I did not go to that voice in my head that said: “you will never know it”.

Luckily, I’m stubborn enough to hear the voice smoothly and sign up for the Institute of Innovation in Ljubljana, where I started schooling for a visual artist. There, under the watchful eye of the mentor Romana Marolt, she won the basics of make-up and from there continued her makeup path.

After more than 10 years, today I can say that I am calm and self-confident in my make-up, but I am happy to continue to study, learn and upgrade my knowledge. The field of make-up is enormous and constantly growing, so I’m really following the trends to offer you the most.

Makeup for festive occasions, such as parties or anniversaries, I also offer you a walnut or prom dress makeup, and during most seasons, I usually deal with wedding makeup. Refinishing takes place at home or at your chosen location.
Regardless of the opportunity, I always listen to your desires and style, so I evaluate how dramatic or natural the appearance is for you.

I use makeup of renowned brands such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Makeup Forever … and I always take into account skin condition. Thus, regardless of type, I can choose the most suitable makeup products that emphasize natural beauty and conceal slight irregularities on the skin.

As part of the makeup, I also offer the creation of eyebrows that are the frame of our face and make a huge contribution to the final look of makeup.
In recent years, the use of artificial eye lasers is becoming more and more popular – for a more dramatic look, I use the whole, and for more natural ones, those in the brush.

If you are interested in individual education, where to find out how to find each day, how to upgrade this look to the evening, which makeup is appropriate for you, and also find a pile of makeup tricks and tips, I invite you to a course of make-up performed by at home.

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