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We also offer coupling for short, medium and long women's hairstyles for special occasions. Persistent hairstyles that hold out all day!


Since I found out that I would benefit from an additional offer in my offer, I continued to work for a hairdresser in 2014, and I specialized in stitching and styling.

Despite some of the basics I have gained in school, I can say that I am self-taught in the field of recurring hairstyles, where I again encountered Youtube for knowledge and learned a lot there. A lot of heads went through my fingers, getting to know the different textures of hair, technique and form of female hairstyles, and learning how to shape each one.

In my work, the iron and hair curlers use me the most, and in hairstyles for thin hair, I’m also happy to use i.e. crimper, with which I achieve a higher volume of hair.

I offer hair clipping for special occasions, wedding hairstyles, polspets and spicy hairstyles, whips, hair shaping whether it’s short, medium or long hairstyles, and I always try to tailor my style to your style, clothes and wishes

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