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Let me introduce myself

Maja Kermelj

Fashion Designer

In addition to Maya – visualist, manicure and hairdresser, and a fan of everything beautiful.
I have always had a keen eye for aesthetics, and since then I have been creating my own labors. This led me to a study of multimedia and graphic design, where I won the title of Multimedia Engineer at the Institute and the Academy of Multimedia in Ljubljana.
After completing my studies, I wanted to follow one of my passion-making skills, so I enrolled at the Institute of Innovation, where I successfully completed my schooling for a visual artist.
I could say that things started to take place from there – the more I met my customers, the more I understood their need for additional services. Since I always wanted to have a detailed knowledge of the things that I was interested in and which I was dealing with, my education was not over yet.
I continued with the profession of beautician at the Secondary School of Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Health in Ljubljana, where I acquired the knowledge of manicure, massage and facial and body care, and in the following year I also enrolled in the hairdressing program at the School Center Kranj, where I acquired the hairdresser’s profession.
In 2015, when all the schooling was after me, I decided to take the next decisive step and swim in the world of sole entrepreneurship, where I create under the name Missing Miss. Every day I am again grateful that I can do what is most pleasing to me and make me laugh at the face of my clients.
My precision, positive energy and years of experience are certainly contributing to this, which makes me confident and relaxed at work. I always listen to the customer’s wishes and, on the basis of this, create a vision of the look that is right for her.
In my spare time I like to hang out with kittens, when I drink coffee, I read some good book or I play Hearthstone.

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